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SHORT SQUEEZE definition

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However, once you understand what causes one, there are indicators that can help you to predict a short squeeze, including the following. The available research on day trading suggests that most active traders lose money. GME YTD daily chart — courtesy of StocksToTrade.comFor obvious reasons, the GME rally continues to be one of the best examples of a short squeeze.

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The stock is a short squeeze candidate, with a short float at 9.91% (equivalent to 9.36 days of average volume). The stock is a short squeeze candidate, with a short float at 14.01% (equivalent to 18.21 days of average volume). Further, if other market participants are aware of the positions, they can engineer such price divergences, driving the convergence trader into bankruptcy compare short squeeze. The value of shares, ETFs and ETCs bought through a share dealing account, a stocks and shares ISA or a SIPP can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in. This information has been prepared by IG, a trading name of IG Markets Limited. In addition to the disclaimer below, the material on this page does not contain a record of our trading prices, or an offer of, or solicitation for, a transaction in any financial instrument.

Short interest ratio

If all goes as planned, the difference between what the short seller sold the stock for and the amount that they bought it back for becomes their profit. If the short seller’s prediction is wrong, and the stock’s value increases, it forces them to buy the stock back at a higher price from which it was sold, and pay for the difference. In simpler terms, just remember that short selling is a way for short sellers to make a quick profit by borrowing a stock or security to sell and then buying it back to possibly profit and return the stock. A relatively new market phenomenon is the buying pressure that can develop from social trading.


The short squeeze is circled and labelled as the share price reverses from its downward trajectory, and the increasing share price is shown by the upward arrow in the face of increasing demand. A short squeeze could spell disaster for short sellers unless they act quickly. Discover everything you need to know about a short squeeze, including what causes it and how to identify when one might happen. Even in the event of a short squeeze, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sell your shares at a gain, given the wild price fluctuations that occur.

The GameStop squeeze

Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. When a company’s board decides to reduce the outstanding share count, this is what you get. This highly variable metric is the value of all the company’s shares.

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This triggered a in the rest of the market as NP “shorts” liquidated holdings in an effort to raise cash to buy NP shares to meet their obligations. The ensuing stock market crash, known as the Panic of 1901, was partially ameliorated by a truce between Hill/Morgan and Harriman. A short squeeze is an unusual condition that triggers rapidly rising prices in a stock or other tradable security.

Predicting Short Squeezes

The first phase of short selling is to sell the stock, and the second phase is to buy the borrowed stock back to return the stock to its original owner. Correctly timing a short squeeze can be a very lucrative strategy, but with this high reward potential comes high risk. A trader looking to profit from a potential short squeeze should make a careful study of short squeeze predictors including short interest, the short interest ratio, daily moving averages, and industry trends. At the same time, the short interest in the stock fell rapidly.

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Also, looking at the paradigm and communication chart above, notice the price went down nearly as fast as it went up. By the end of 2008, the stock’s price was basically back to where it started before the squeeze. That way you’ll be watching multiple charts at once, ready to pounce if you see a pattern you like.

Tesla short squeeze, 2020

A successful short squeeze sends the underlying stock WAY higher. And the trading volume will also be above the stock’s daily average. Naked short selling is a practice where investors short a stock that they have not officially borrowed or does not exist.

You should consult your legal, tax, or financial advisors before making any financial decisions. This material is not intended as a recommendation, offer, or solicitation to purchase or sell securities, open a brokerage account, or engage in any investment strategy. A long position is when a buyer actually purchases and owns stock with the hopes that the stock price will increase in value. Daily moving average chartsshow where a stock has traded for a set time period.

How to Find Short Squeeze Stocks

This buying may proceed automatically, for example if the short sellers had previously placed stop-loss orders with their brokers to prepare for this possibility. Alternatively, short sellers simply deciding to cut their losses and get out can cause a squeeze. Short squeezes can also occur when the demand from short sellers outweighs the supply of shares to borrow, which results in the failure of borrow requests from prime brokers.

In 2021, retail investors started to buy up shares of several companies with high short interest in an attempt to squeeze out hedge funds that were shorting them. GameStop became the poster child of this effort by retail investors, having been one of the first to be targeted. It’s a good idea for investors who want to bet on a short squeeze to have other reasons for buying the stock.

Securities and Exchange Commission states that abusing short sale practices is illegal. In addition, short sales used to manipulate the price of a stock are prohibited. But what if there are many short sellers who want to buy back shares before they lose even more money as the stock rises? Therefore, there’s no limit to the price the short seller could pay to buy back the stock. The first step in trying to trade a short squeeze is to make sure you have access to global markets. For example, from the MetaTrader 5 trading platform provided by Admirals you can access more than 3,000+ financial CFD instruments covering global stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and more.

They sold borrowed shares for $100, repurchased them for $70, returned the shares, and pocketed the difference. But Wall Street uses numerous, more creative strategies to speculate on stock movements. Even as a buy-and-hold investor, there will be times when the prices of stocks you own are influenced by what other investors are doing rather than by the company’s underlying business fundamentals. One such phenomena, the “short squeeze,” has the potential to make a stock’s price rocket much higher overnight.

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The short seller can pocket a profit from using this strategy, but the losses that can be accrued from this may outweigh the potential gains. It’s important to understand the risks with any investment strategy, but most importantly, how short and long positions in stocks can be a benefit or detriment to your investment portfolio. The result was not only retail investors’ continued investments in GameStop stock and call options, but also a major increase in GameStop’s stock price in a matter of days. On January 27, 2021, GameStop’s share price rose to $347.21, with a brief peak of $483 per share. This squeezed out short sellers, such as major hedge funds, causing them to lose billions of dollars.

Investors can also bet on a short squeeze by buying a stock with high short interest as it starts to rise. The initial increase in the stock price could lead to a short squeeze if it continues, sending the price higher and higher. The best-case scenario is that the price falls, so the short-seller can buy the shares for a lower price than what they sold them for when they borrowed them.

Creates a huge imbalance in the market liquidity, which also adds to the factors influencing short squeezing. Book The ProfitBook Profit is the profit amount that a business earns from its operations & activities but has not been realized yet. It is not tracked by analysts or stakeholders & its calculation is relevant only to evaluate a Company’s tax liability. OverboughtOverbought refers to market scenarios where stock is traded considerably higher than its fair value.

The reason you consider the total short position and volume is that they’re not good predictors by themselves. Just because there’s a lot of shorted shares doesn’t mean there will be a squeeze — the stock might perform exactly as expected. The stock price goes from single digits to $100+/share in just days .

  • A short squeeze can actually develop on any market and asset class.
  • So, if you decide to try your luck trading them, tread carefully.
  • Below, you can see Tesla’s share price from 23 January 2020 to 18 May 2020.
  • Although short squeezes may occur naturally in the stock market the U.S.
  • Not so much of a short squeeze as a slightly longer one — there was no panic, but that left the short sellers who doggedly and ill-advisedly hung on losing a total $40bn.

However, the company follows up the short-seller’s report with evidence that there is no fraud, and its shares start to rise. Short-sellers who had bet on the stock declining realize that they are wrong, so they start buying shares to cut their losses. The stock keeps on rising as more and more short-sellers buy shares to cover their positions, which in turn convinces other investors to buy shares. The short-interest ratio measures the number of days it would take all short-sellers to exit their positions based on the average daily trading volume. The higher the short-interest ratio, the greater the chance of a squeeze. There are various indicators that investors may use when predicting an upcoming short squeeze.

short squeezes

As short sellers begin to exit their positions, it adds more buying pressure in the market, which can cause the price to rise even higher, forcing more short sellers to cover their positions. Once the short squeeze has begun, you can trade on it through our derivative products such as spread bets and CFDs on our Next-Generation trading platform. With derivatives, you do not actually own the underlying share, but rather speculate on its price movements. Remember that margin trading comes at a high risk and losses can surpass profits just as quickly. This may make short sellers want to abandon their bear market positions, but in turn, this only increases the demand for stocks to rise and supply to reduce.

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You can have a silver short squeeze or you can short squeeze stocks. Shorting a market is mostly done by larger institutional investors. However, many retail traders can also short as well by using products such as Contracts for Difference which is a derivative of the underlying market being traded. The stock is a short squeeze candidate, with a short float at 5.08% (equivalent to 9.63 days of average volume). The stock is a short squeeze candidate, with a short float at 25.36% (equivalent to 7.13 days of average volume).

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